I am a writer, editor, and educator based in the Pacific Northwest, most recently focusing my creative efforts on speculative short fiction. I’m interested in the traditions of slipstream, fabulism, and new weird, and work to blend conventions of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and magical realism in my stories. These (predominantly short) fictions explore intersections of gender, identity, belonging, and alienation, and are heavily influenced by queer theory and Afrofuturism.

After growing up in the Southern California suburbs, I moved north to study English at Mills College in Oakland, then north again to Sacramento, before settling in Seattle to get an MFA in creative writing from the University of Washington. In between, I worked in journalism, marketing, and briefly as a tourism writer during a six-month stay in Taiwan. Currently, I work as a professor of English at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, teaching composition, autobiography, and speculative fiction writing.

My fiction has been published in Dark Matter, Daily Science Fiction, and Five on the Fifth, as well as in a number of now-defunct college lit mags. I’m currently working on a collection of these stories (and others) exploring themes of belonging, becoming, and (im)possibility through the lens of speculative queer and neurodivergent realities.